The answer to this question has eluded most of the aspiring writers. However there is no short cut formula or guidelines to write a perfect book. A writer breaks the boundary of creativity and pours his heart out while writing a book and suffers a breakdown if the book receives a lukewarm response from the audience. Though nowadays a lot of emphasis is being laid on the marketing strategy adopted to promote a book, in the end result it is the content which forms the soul of the book and wins the heart of the readers.

Here are some effective tips for writing a book.

Why are you writing the Book?

  1. Writing just for the sake of writing
  2. You have a good story which you want to pen down
  3. You are passionate about writing

If you say yes to first option I seriously suggest to drop the idea for writing for some time and not to pick up the pen unless you agree to option b & c .

If you agree to option b then you should first formulate the whole story in your mind and then begin writing as there is high chance of you losing your focus in the middle of the story and getting frustrated. However you are free to make adjustment in your characters as per demand of the story.

If you are passionate about writing, then the whole world is your playground. You are free to explore the world with your creative ideas. However I would sincerely suggest that you choose a theme before beginning your adventure so as to prevent your ideas from getting blurred midway.

Have you decided the theme of your story ?

You should be very clear what kind of book you are willing to write. Is it a love story, a political satire, a melodrama, suspense thriller, horror story, stories for children or collection of short stories? Every theme has got its own pitch for story line and style of narrative and you have to improvise your story according to the required pitch

Have you identified your target customer?

Now once you have decided the theme for your book you should now proceed to identify your potential readers. You should understand the taste and preferences of the consumers and accordingly pitch your book. By understanding the age, profession, income, income, education level, ethnicity & marital status you can generate a fair idea about your target audience.

Have you decided the timeline?

Don’t be in a rush to finish your book. Creativity cannot be guided by  a deadline . A writer undergoes  various phase of mood swings and in those days it is better to stay away from your writing desk or else the whole script shall be ruined

Have you found a professional editor?

A traditional publishing house offers editing services by default but if you are opting for self publication you should go for a paid editing service. A good editor identifies the scrap from your content and fine tunes it to suit the taste of readers.

Believe, Believe & Believe

At last, always belief that you have penned a master piece & vouch for it in any occasion. Even authors like Chetan Bhagat & Amish Tripathi were rejected by all reputed publishers but they had immense faith in their work which raised them to pinnacle of the writing guild. So irrespective of hurdles you should never lose faith and be positive.

Anuj Verma



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