Since time immemorial, paper and pen have been the medium for writing. While the tradition still continues, it may be admitted that for longer projects like books, piles of paper can be frustrating to manage. Consequently, most of us have learned to trust Microsoft Word. Now, there’s nothing wrong with it but if you’re still dependent on a simple word processing software, you may be missing out on a plethora of other programs that provide you with the best sort of help a writer can get. Writing is not as simple as it may appear to be and a lot of us need certain assistance to hone our skills. Creative writing software programs provide with you with that exact assistance. These software programs provide refined tools that help you write efficiently.

With a creative writing software, you can generate names for your characters through a name generator tool. Many of these program also have an advanced thesaurus for that right word. You can make distinct records for all characters and retrieve essential information about them (personalities, birthmarks, family) on the fly.


You can’t step into the world of Writing software programs and miss this hot stuff. It’s the complete package. It can help you develop your story and organize your thoughts in an eloquent and comprehensible manner. This project management tool helps you outline and structure your ideas in a tangible way.

You can navigate between different parts of your book and notes. It also provides an easy access to deleted paragraphs and previous works.  It’s Corkboard view and index cards makes it easier to rearrange notes and documents  and view your work in its entirety. The feeling is similar to having sheets spread out  across a large table. You can break your text into pieces and add tables, bullet points, footnotes and images. Formatting is made as easy as it can be by using the format bar or you can choose any font and let Scrivener reformat your manuscript. If you’re happy with what you have, you can polish each level of your manuscript manually or by choosing from one of Scrivener’s presets. Once that is done, you can merge your draft into a single document and print or export it to a variety of formats like Microsoft Word, RTF, PDF and HTML. Trust me, it is as good as it gets.

It is available on Mac and Windows. It is priced low at 45 USD but if you want, you can also get a free trial of 30 days and experience this glorious software for free!
The only disadvantage that one can come up in relation to this software is its lack of spell or grammar check, a feature offered by Word.



Best For: Ebooks
Price: Free
Available on: Windows, Mac and Linux (some)

It is specifically aimed at ebooks. It provides a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get), so you can see exactly how your book will look. It offers a lot of features through plugins. Importing HTML file gets as easy as it can get and you can add images. Simple and easy to use interface with a book browser, a document viewer and table of contents all on the same page.
Why not:

Scrivener offers the same services and more. Maybe a little too techie for some people.


Best For: Avoiding distractions.
Price: Free
Available on: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

It eliminates all distractions so you finally stop procrastinating and get to work. You can make some customizations in your text but it is limited. You can set writing goals, and it offers features like spell check tabbed documents and themes. The interface disappears when you want to just write.
Why not:

You can’t change the font. But this is hardly a drawback considering this software is aimed at decreasing distractions. And trust me fonts can be a good distraction if one is REALLY determined.


Best For: Editing
Price: $4.11
Available on: Mac OS X 10.5 and above (Intel only)

It’s extremely simple and sober. With all of its features aimed at providing you with a calm and therapeutic environment, it is hard to NOT get work done. It offers 7 soothing tracks, a background that doesn’t hurt your eye and tapping keyboard sounds to keep you focused.
Why not: Downloading updates can be a little tricky. Also, don’t expect these updates to be free.  You can’t do a lot with it, for example,  sync to Dropbox or export to blogs.

                                                                                                Haya  Abidi

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