You have chunks of hair lying on the ground, it’s been months since you last bathed and there is an unidentified green lump on your desk that seems vaguely alive. To put it simply, you’ve just finished your book. In the next few months you’ll be done with publishing and then you’ll have to face what you’ve been dreading all along- reviews. Reviews are important to gain a sort of validation for your work. They help in marketing and can drastically alter sales. However, getting reviews can be a feat, especially for first time authors.

So here are some great ways to get them reviews flowing:

Review websites

It’s a common practice to pay big websites like Kirkus to review your book. However, this might not be the best idea. For one, they are pretty darn costly. Paying big bucks for a single review that does not guarantee success or even a good review, seems like a bad decision. Instead, you can approach sites like Onlinebookclub or Book Geeks (This one’s India based) who will review your book for free. All you have to do is provide them with a copy. What do you get ? An inexpensive and honest review. What do they get ? A free book! . I’ve reviewed books for one of these sites and let me tell you, it’s a community of book lovers. They will love and cherish your book

If you wish to check out independent bloggers, here’s the blogger’s directory:





With rapidly increasing technology, you are not bound to one medium anymore. There are a lot of podcasts that love to review books. You can also appear to get interviewed. It’s  a great marketing technique. You will not only have a review but also some attention. And in this market, even a little attention can go a long way. Here are some :


All hail Twitter!

Social media has completely taken over our world and rather than fighting, it’s time we took advantage of it. To be popular on social media sites, you need to first differentiate yourself. Pick your genre and your target audience. The next step is to build rapport. Cultivating relationships is the surest way to popularize your book. Apart from your target audience, try and indulge with those bloggers I mentioned before. You will get a clearer idea of who to send your book to.


Amazon Reviewers

Unlike book blogs or websites, when people come across a good book with a great review, they are likely to immediately buy it. If you’re lucky enough to get a review from one of the top book reviewers, your sales may see a substantial change. You can look for them in the review section of authors who publish in the same genre as you. You can contact them through mail and offer them a copy. Make sure to thank them after the review, mostly out of courtesy but also for future prospects. Remember, don’t pester them too much or you’ll end up as spam.



Everyone loves free stuff. Free food, free books, free cars (Now you know why Oprah’s so famous), just say the word and we’ll be there to claim to it. The more access people get to it, the more likely it is for your book to be reviewed. You can choose to hold a giveaway on all the platforms I just mentioned. From podcasts to blogs.  You can also try out Goodreads. They have a group of all giveaways and notify all members when new giveaways turn up.


Haya Abidi


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