In this dotcom world social media is considered to be and inexpensive and effective tool for reaching out to target market. Within the multiple social platforms available for an author, face book is considered to be most effective as it has got the highest reach among the target audience.

Create a professional Page

A majority of us have a face book account which serves the purpose of staying connected with our family members and friends, sharing photos and videos. But you should understand that it not feasible for conducting business. You need to create a separate page for yourself which you can effectively use to promote your book. You can upload all sorts of information reading your book, schedule events, hold contests, link the page to your website or blog and announce the book launch dates.

Is it important to get Likes ?

Now there is a bit of controversy on the issue that whether number of likes on a page actually reflects the potential customers. Though I cannot be very specific in my answer but not everyone who likes your page will actually end up purchasing your book. However we cannot ignore that fact that number of likes does add credibility to your page and to a certain extent measures your reach and popularity. Certain measures which you can adopt to increase the number of likes are

  1. Create separate face book page and mention the link in your book
  2. Post you link in website, twitter, linkedin, instagram and also include them in your email signature
  3. Invite all you friends and relatives to like your page
  4. Conduct some contest, quizzes, give freebies etc to generate traffic to your page
  5. Be alive in your page. You need to keep your audience engage and encourage them to revisit your page. Upload inspirational quotes, tips for publishing, a chapter from your book etc. The more interactive and alive you are in your page the more positivity shall be generated for your book
  6. Invest in Face book ads. It works


How to create a Face book ad?

You can create some wonderful Ads by using Face book basic Ads Manager. However a better option is to use Power editor which is a Chrome Plug- in for creating and editing ads, though it can be a bit cumbersome to understand. Your Adv should be creative and eye catching. You need to understand that an individual face book is cluttered with numerous ads images, updates etc and you need to grab the attention of your target audience. Use of excessive artistic words to describe an ad can dilute the main message. You description should be short and precise and should not occupy more than 20% of the Ad space. Your Images should be bright and eye catching and should not be cropped unevenly. If you are uploading your book cover then you should get it designed by a professional designer. There have been instances of authors uploading shabbily designed images of poor resolution which failed to generate the desired results

How much it will cost?

Advertising on face book is not very costly and you can start with as low as 500 Rs or 10$ and run it for a couple of week trying to gauze the response of the readers. You reach depends on your budget. Face book charges for per click also known as CPM and you can get exact idea about the effectiveness of the campaign.

How to find the Target Market?

This is one area where you can simply relax and blindly trust the face book. Face book has excellent tools for consumer mapping and knows exactly about which category of books are liked by different genres. They also know which author they prefer the most and whether they are going to purchase though app or desktop. Their consumer analysis also reveals the consumers who are most likely to click on your ad or watch your video. You can also choose the placement of your ad in the face book page and decide its appearance in desktop and mobile depending upon the usability by your target audience.

Monitor your ad

You should keep a consistent track about how your ad is performing. What is the response it is generating from the audience and should actively reply to any comment or query. This will give you an idea of reach and visibility your ad has been able to create in the market and help you in future planning.


At last you should keep in mind that there is no written rule for achieving success. All the above tactics will show different results for different individuals. You should not get discouraged by low number of likes or response. “Rome was not built in one Day”. It takes considerable amount of time and money to build a fan base through any communication platform and face book is not different. You need to be innovative and interactive to create loyal base of consumers who will recommend your book. The more you invest the more is your return.

Anuj Verma

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