Twitter is one of the most promising and effective tool for promoting your book, however most of the authors find it tough to use it to their full potential. With words limitation of140 characters many feel that it doesn’t provide them ample space to squeeze in their promotional messages. This is true for most of the authors who rely more on long text, flyers, images etc but twitter work s best for authors who use smart key words, short messages and are not wary of experimenting.

After Face book twitter is the most popular tool for connecting people and is the apt platform for meeting writers, bloggers, editors, readers etc. Now like any other campaign you require certain amount of planning and execution to generate the desired response among the target audience. Mentioned below are certain tips to promote your book on Twitter.

1) Match your profile with your interest.  Your profile in Twitter account should reflect that you are an author and also what is your preferred area ( Romance, Thriller, Drama etc). Your profile should arouse interest among the followers who shall crave to know more about you.

2) Keep the book Title Short. You should try to keep your book title short so that it is convenient to tweet and gain the attention of the readers, like Shakti, Mumbai Calling, Recall etc. Long title makes it difficult to tweet.

3) Ensure that your Twitter name is short. –  Your profile name should not exceed more than 12 characters. If your full name is very long you can switch over to first two initials. Like for a name like Sree Babu Pecheety Ramanna use Sree Babu instead of full name. You need to preserve ample space for Retweets

4) Pre Drafts your Tweets – You  should draft your schedule beforehand so as to preserve your writing time. You can use services of,,, or Tweet deck — all with free versions to schedule your tweets beforehand. You can also use these sites to interact with readers and follow their conversations.

5) Fix your Landing Page – You should determine where you want to direct your followers for gathering more information. It could be a customized website for your book, a page on the website or product page of any e commerce site like Flipkart, Amazon.etc

6) Use hash tags # – hash tags are integral part of any long time twitter buffs and they are basically used to locate a key words or topics within a tweet. It was created to categorize the messages in the twitter. For example if you have tips for authors you mark it with the #authorstips and any on looking for the tips shall see your tweet. You can also use the book title or a word from your book. It is one of the effective ways to gain new followers.

7) Determine the Length of your Tweet – While drafting your tweet you have to be very careful with the amount of characters you are consuming. With limitations of usage of words you should ensure that ample space is there for retweets. For an example if I am creating tweets for my book it shall be

Title: # Love for Saranda ( 14 Characters)

Author : @Anuj Verma ( ( Characters)

Landing Page : http://.lordspublishinghouse/ love from saranda/

8) Identify Quotes from your Book – While writing your book you should ensure that it contains a series of tweetable quotes which can gain the attention of the readers. They should be catchy, insightful and mesmerizing.


“The mightier the fall, greater will be the gain”

“Christmas won’t be Christmas without any present”

“I believe there are monsters born in the world to human parents”

9) Be interactive- To build a loyal fan following you should be alive and interactive in your account. You should divide your time between tweets, retweets and following new people. You can use # Discover to connect with other authors who are writing and become a part of larger group.

10) Have a learning Attitude – You should follow the successful campaigns run by bestselling authors and try to copy the elements of the tweeting campaigns.

Anuj Verma

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