Sitting beside my father as he made an Excel sheet of our family tree, it dawned on me that all these people, with their dreams, hopes, likes and dislikes, had a unique story to tell. But as time took its toll, most of these stories have been forgotten. A majority of us want to leave […]

 The answer to this question has eluded most of the aspiring writers. However there is no short cut formula or guidelines to write a perfect book. A writer breaks the boundary of creativity and pours his heart out while writing a book and suffers a breakdown if the book receives a lukewarm response from the […]

The most dreadful thought for any author is to find out grammatical or spelling mistakes in his manuscript. Small silly mistakes can actually drain away the charm of any good story, hence it is highly recommended that the document should undergo a through proofreading before it can be considered ready for printing. The essential elements […]

My role as a publisher and editor has exposed me to a diverse set of manuscripts in different shape, fonts & sizes which have actually driven me nuts. Some scripts have even managed to draw blood from my eyes and I loathe even reading a single line of it. If the script is cluttered beyond […]

 You have chunks of hair lying on the ground, it’s been months since you last bathed and there is an unidentified green lump on your desk that seems vaguely alive. To put it simply, you’ve just finished your book. In the next few months you’ll be done with publishing and then you’ll have to face […]

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