Self Publishing in India is still in nascent stage. The most vital challenge a author faces after publishing the book is its promotion though proper channel. With exponential growth among the internet users, online promotion of the book has become a vital factor in determining its success. Lords Publishing House, not only provides an opportunity to self-publish your books at cheap rates but also specializes in providing a 360 degree marketing strategy for promoting your book. All channels of marketing communication shall be engaged for promoting your book among the target consumers.

downloadWe shall be promoting your book extensively through facebook. Once your book is published  its Image and reviews  shall be updated on regular basis . We have tie up with various book lovers group and all information shall be shared among minimum  fifteen groups. Your video ( if opted) shall also be uploaded on the facebook page and its reach and likes shall be shared with you on regular intervals.

twitter_circle_color-512Twitter has become  a rage among the young population and  is used by organizations to keep their customers updated about their products. The next generation authors use it on religious basis to promote their book .We shall be posting at least  10 tweets about your book, highlighting its various components to the target audience.This shall help to create a buzz about your book which shall be long lasting and sustainable.

YouTube-logo-full_colorAny marketing strategy is incomplete without a promotional video. Infact Popular Author Amish Tripathi used it extensively to promote his Self Published Book (Shiva Triology). We provide a unique insight into your book by creating short videos of your book. It helps the readers to develop a connection with the character  and contents of your book. We also encourage our authors to post their interviews and promotional video to you tube channel.

LinkedIn_logo_initialsLinkedin is tool for professional people where people of divergent profession come together and share their thoughts. We have membership of several scholar groups and like minded professional where we propagate your book.  You can easily filter out your target audience and design specific messages to grab their attention.


download (1)We have tie up with amazon to give your book a worldwide distribution platform and a chance to make you book available in every nook and corner of the world. We consistently resort to competitive pricing and promotional campaign through our partners which help us to scale the sale of the book and you earn more royalty .Readers are encouraged to post their reviews on the site which helps in word of mouth publicity for your book.


download (2)In this electronic era a major chunk of consumers are now shifting to e- learning mode and amazon kindle provides the right platform to target those readers. We convert your manuscript into E book and make it available through amazon kindle to global consumers to access with just a click of mouse. It acts as an added weapon in your arsenal for online promotion of your book.

We sent your book to major national newspapers and magazines for getting it reviewed by a panel of experts and getting it published. Book reviews helps any reader to get an insight into your book and generates interest among the masses. It is an effective marketing tool for getting noticed in this highly competitive market.

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