Indian market is witnessing an exponential growth in terms of number of book lovers. The readers have now matured and become more demanding which keeps both the publishers and authors on toes. With the country witnessing an internet boom, the whole dynamics of promoting a book has changed .Now it is no longer a taboo for the authors to promote their book on their own. Even the established publishers do not print more than 500 copies for a new author and leave the most of the promotional task to the authors itself. Though growing, but still the market of books in India is very less in comparison to the global market. As an author if you are able to sell more than 400 copies of your book you come under the category of best seller.

This boom has led to cropping of dozen of self publishing houses in India who armed with distribution network of e-commerce site provide an easy option to publish your book. A traditional publishing house takes 1-2 years to publish a book with rejection rate of manuscript being as high as 85%, whereas an author can get his book self published within a month. Self Publishers rely heavily on Print on Demand technology which gives them the leverage to publish only a single book which is not possible in offset printing used by traditional publishers.

However, the glitch remains in editing area where traditional publishers have an edge over the self publishers. When one goes for self-publishing he should always negotiate for the editing services also as poorly edited book receives a lukewarm response from the audience. The charge for publishing a book varies from one publisher to the other; hence one should do a comparative analysis before finalizing a publisher. Also most publishers play in terms of number of complimentary copies being provided to the authors. One should always bargain for higher numbers of complimentary copies as it gives the leverage to distribute copies to your family members and friends personally or else you shall end up purchasing your own book from the publishers.

On marketing and promotional front the self publishing houses offer a gamut of services both in Digital and Offline platform. With social media boom it has now become fairly convenient to reach the target audience and it can be gauged by the vibrancy exhibited by the authors on their social media account. The readers are get influenced by blogs, tweets and online review of the book on the digital platform. The advantage enjoyed by the traditional publishing houses in terms of evoking the interest of the readers is now somewhat getting diluted and more and more authors are now taking control of marketing and promotional activities of their book.

Self publishing a book also gives a true insight to the author about the market dynamics and understanding of the consumer’s temperament. They can position or reposition their book as per the taste and preferences of the consumers. They also play an active role in pricing and distribution of books through E commerce sites which was totally lacking with traditional publishing houses.

In recent years the market shall witness a surge in number of authors opting for self publishing their books and taking control of their long cherished dreams.

Anuj Verma



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